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Bir Umut Yeter

Retired captain Yilmaz settles in a quiet seaside town and falls in love and marries with Elif. She has a miscarriage but then find a baby on a boat and brings it up as own. After 5 yrs they meet the real mom Derya. 2018.

Ask Yeniden

(English title: Love Again) is a Turkish romantic comedy series starring Bugra Gulsoy (from Kuzey Guney) and Ozge Ozpirincci. Also features Tamer Levent (from Istanbullu Gelin and Cesur ve Guzel).

Drama aired 2015 - 2016.

Sahane Damat

Melike (Burcu Ozberk) lies to her family back in Germany about her life in Istanbul. Mehmet is a doctor and the fiance of her boss Ilknur. When her family comes to Istanbul, she blackmails Mehmet to go along with her lies. 2016


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13 episode drama from 2013. 

Starring Hazal Kaya (from Ask-I-Memnu, Feriha, Bizim Hikaye, Maral), Hakan Kurtas (from Filinta, Dolunay), Asli Tandogan (from Dudaktan Kalbe and Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem) and Kaan Urgancioglu (from Kara Sevda). 


67 episode drama from 14th Jan 2011 - 29th June 2012.

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Starring Cagatay Ulusoy (from Icerde, Medcezir) and Hazal Kaya.

Istanbullu Gelin

Istanbullu Gelin (Bride of Istanbul) is a current Star TV series starring Ozcan Deniz (from Samanyolu, Karagul, Su ve Ates) and Asli Enver (from Kardesim Benim and Kis Gunesi) . 

Surreya (Asli Enver) is a beautiful and proud young girl, who grew up without both parents meets Faruk (Ozcan Deniz). Faruk, a rich and charismatic businessman takes Surreya and brings her to Bursa to his family mansion. Everything evolves from then on.

It premiered on March 3, 2017. 

Tatli Intikam

Turkish Romantic Comedy series which aired from 26th March 2016 - 12th Nov 2016.

30 episodes in total.

Stars Leyla Lydia Tututlu (from Karadayi and Delibal) and Furkan Andic (from Meryem) 

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